The International Startup Festival is an annual event which attracts over one thousand visitors from the startup community.
For the 2013 edition, nearly one hundred participants carried a reelyActive tag, including all VIPs and speakers.
Points of interest were installed throughout the site, each with a flatscreen display and reelyActive technology.
Each flatscreen displayed live ambient information about people nearest to that point of interest.
Participants could interact digitally with those nearby through a webpage on their mobile device. Social networks could be connected in a few simple taps.
Participants could be located to the nearest point of interest from a webpage on any device.
For festival participants, Log in to Life enhanced interactions by facilitating discovery, networking and finding one another.
For festival organizers, Log in to Life provided enhanced visibility for real-time operations and logistics, and allowed them to easily locate their guest speakers.

Testimonial: Rebecca Croll, Event Manager

reelyActive came in to the Festival like ninjas of awesome! I manage the speakers for the event, and this year, there were a LOT of speakers. Speakers can be notoriously hard to track down, when they're networking in a crowd of 1000+ and you need them on stage. Having all speakers tagged and then being able to simply browse a web page to see where they were on site, was nothing short of miraculous! It was also a great perk for participants, they could see where speakers were on site, by referring to the screens that had been erected throughout the venue! I want reelyActive working with us every year! I didn't know I needed them until I had them and now, I have no intention of letting them get away!

Testimonial: Katherine Johnsen, Organizing Team

Having Log in to Life onsite was fantastic, not only did the screens add a cool visual element to any space, but it allowed us to track an otherwise unmanageable group of people with ease. The team was a pleasure to work with too, very accommodating and eager to tailor what they were doing to best fit our situation. We will definitely be having reelyActive back at Startupfest.
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