Notman House is Montréal's home of the web, which includes public and private coworking spaces, the FounderFuel startup accelerator and a venue for meetups and events.
reelyActive technology has been in place since August 2012, including sensor infrastructure and flatscreens.
Staff, regulars and accelerator team members carry reelyActive tags on their keychains or bags.
Each flatscreen displays live ambient information about everyone present in the house.
An interactive webpage includes more detailed infomation and can be accessed through any mobile device. Twitter and LinkedIn connections are accessible with a single tap.
For visitors, Log in to Life enhances interactions by facilitating networking and the discovery of individuals and their projects.
For staff and regulars, Log in to Life provides enhanced visibility, and simplifies meeting and keeping up to date with colleagues.

Testimonial: Gabriel Sundaram, Interim GM

reelyActive's Log in to Life platform has been an amazing catalyst for encouraging real life connections at Notman House. As we expand the footprint of the campus in the next 6 months from one building to three, it was clear that we should invest in expanding the coverage. We've seen the benefits already, and with three times the square footage and double the number of residents expected, I'm confident that Log in to Life will play an even bigger role in maintaining our tight knit community.

Testimonial: Adrien Niblock, FounderFuel alum

I use the live directory each and every day to find out when my team is in or out of the office. It's been so valuable that I have even created a shortcut on my phone's home screen.
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